Don't Face a DUI Charge Alone

Don't Face a DUI Charge Alone

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What's your best move after being charged with DUI? Attorney Michael S. Boynton can tell you. When you call our office, we'll work to put your mind at ease. We'll explain your options and walk you through the entire process. You're under enough stress without having to face the criminal justice system on your own.

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Rely on a criminal defense attorney who'll fight for you

Michael S. Boynton is an experienced criminal defense attorney serving clients in Milford, Connecticut and the surrounding area. Our office takes all kinds of felony and misdemeanor cases. Whether you've been charged with causing a domestic disturbance or DWI, Attorney Michael S. Boynton can represent you.

A criminal defense attorney can:

  • File your legal paperwork.
  • Represent you in court.
  • Offer sound legal advice.
Don't try to take on the court system by yourself. Call our office in Milford, CT now to speak with a capable DWI attorney.